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English Language School Of Cape Town Students Written Testimonials


Pinto Vunge-Angola

Hi, my name is Pinto Vunge and I am from Angola. I was a student @ E.L.S. for 1 month. My most positive experiences were firstly, that the staff and teachers made the students feel at home and secondly the number of students in the classroom was idle because it created sufficient time to talk about various subjects. My teacher was Shaun, he is a good teacher, especially a good motivator for the students. I will recommend the school to my family and friends.

Thank you.



Josaine- Gabon

“My most positive experience at ELS was to speak only in English with other students everywhere and all the time. I feel that I have received adequate coursework with my teacher Shavon because I can speak a little English better than before. I`ll come back to ELS, but next year because I think this school is good for me. ELS helped me a lot. I am telling my friends in Gabon that I was at ELS and I experienced many things there, it will be good for you.”

Alejandro- Germany                                                                          

“I really enjoyed being in the school and I met a lot of people and I appreciate that I met people from other countries. It was a great time here at ELS and I would like to say thank you for everything.”

Mohamed Ali-Libya

Hi, I am Mohamed Ali, from Libya and I studied at E.L.S. for 6 months. My most positive experiences were learning about the different cultures and languages as well as meeting people from all around the world in Cape Town .I would like to thank all the teachers and staff at E.L.S, especially Andre, who was my Elementary teacher and Shavon, who was my Pre-Intermediate teacher. The school has a very friendly and warm environment, it was my second home and I was part of a big family. I really liked the size of the classes, it was good to have 6 or 8 students in a class because the teacher could give me attention to me. I will definitely miss the E.L.S.



Isabelle Estie- Amsterdam

"Hello, my name is Isabelle Estie,a student from Amsterdam. I studied at E.L.S. for 10 weeks.

It was a great experience, I made a lot of new friends in Cape Town and there were lots to do too.

In the city there are many vintage markets or events you can visit. I also made some weekend trips to Franschhoek and Stellenbosch to do some wine tasting and to enjoy the landscape. If the weather is good there are plenty of beautiful beaches near Cape Town you can visit and enjoy sunbathing.

But besides all the fun I had to improve my English and prepare for my Cambridge Examination. The teachers at E.L.S. are very helpful and always do their best to help students. The teacher, Shavon asked for my opinion with regards to my specific needs and skills and this was very helpful for my Exam course. The lessons are diverse and the teachers often use different resources, including visuals and listening materials and therefore lessons weren`t boring for me.

I arranged my own accommodation, but if you need a place to stay in Cape Town the school will gladly assist you with a student apartment or a host family. Most of the students stay with host families, close to the school, so you can walk to school together.

The school is situated in Greenmarket Square, which is a lively square in the centre of Cape Town with lots of markets. There are lots of food markets and eating places that are quite cheap for students.

You can also do some shopping if you like because there are many shops nearby. The night life is amazing, there is the famous, Long Street, where you can party and have fun and also meet local and international people.

To conclude, I had a great time in Cape Town and at E.L.S. and enjoyed every minute of my stay."

Iracelma Txitela-Angola

Hi my name is Iracelma Txitela and I come from Angola. I was a student at E.L.S. for 9 months and I couldn`t speak much English when I arrived. My most positive experience was studying at the school and improving my English. The teachers and staff are all very good and helped me a lot too. I will definitely recommend E.L.S. to others by sharing my experience I had. A  special thank you to my teacher, Andre.


Celine Habeggar-Switzerland

"Hi my name is Celine Habeggar from Switzerland and I was a student at E.L.S for 2 months studying General English as well as my FCE exam preparation course. Learning English was really a challenge for me when I studied in Switzerland, but when I arrived at E.L.S. I developed my confidence for English and enjoyed speaking in English. I feel I have made sufficient effort with the help of my teachers. Shavon is really an excellent teacher, who takes time and puts in a lot of care with all of the students. She helped me a lot. I will definitely recommend E.L.S. because it`s like a small family and everybody is friendly."