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Whatever the purpose of your trip to the Mother City, whether you wish to learn how to speak English, develop your basic language skills or pursue an Intensive English course, you can do so right here at ELS Cape Town.If you would like to focus on academic English or prepare for a specific English exam, you can be confident about reaching your goals with ELS Cape Town. Our English courses are of the highest quality and classes are small and personal ensuring students receive individual attention.

Our teaching approach is skills-based (listening, speaking, reading and writing), with course content based on interesting and relevant themes, ideas and topics. Our teachers are passionate professionals and fully qualified in the field of English language teaching.Your first day will start with a placement test, which helps us to evaluate your English level and place you in the appropriate General English class. Throughout your English language classes we continue to evaluate your progress with a fortnightly English test (every 2 weeks), to ensure you are progressing and getting the best out of your stay at the English Language School of Cape Town.

Expectations of academic performances

In general, to move from one level to another requires a 6 to 14 week English course based on studying 20 lessons per week.If you are a hard working student who attends all classes and does the homework given to you, you can expect to move from one level to another during a 6-14 week course period (based on studying 20 lessons per week).If you do not progress at the expected rate and have difficulties with your English course, we will provide you with support, additional lessons and all the help you need to reach your target level.

Language Courses

Student Orientation will take place on the first day of your course at 9:00am at the school.

Lessons per week
- GEO: 20 lessons / week
- GEA: 24 lessons / week
- IE: 29 lessons / week
- BE: 29 lessons / week
- IELTS & TOEFL: 30 lessons / week
- FCE, CAE, CPE: 30 lessons / week